New To Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient, revered system linking the positions & cycles of celestial bodies to individuals & events here on Earth – we are all connected to a bigger Universe in which the cyclic nature of the planets reflects that of our own lives – “As Above, So Below”.

The art of the Astrologer is to create a chart showing the positions of the Sun, Moon & Planets &, using planetary archetypes & symbolism interpret its information into meaningful, relatable language 

Birth (natal) charts can be drawn up for a person using their time, date & place of birth then analysed from a psychological perspective amongst other things. Charts can also be used to look at Mundane subjects such as social, economic, political, financial & world events. Life never stands still & nor do the planets, so their cycles can also be linked to the natal or mundane chart & used to forecast future themes & trends.

The Natal Chart

Below is an example natal chart with a brief explanation of some of the main components:


Zodiac & Planetary Symbols (or glyphs): 

Western Astrology links Roman deities to the Planets but it is also useful to know the Greek equivalents, here in brackets:

♈  Aries, The Ram, “I Am”   

Quality: Cardinal, Element: Fire

Energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, enterprsing,

confident, brave, impetuous, impatient, assertive,


♂ Mars (Ares)

God of War
Ruling planet of Aries 

How you act & assert yourself, action, motivation, anger,

sexual desire. How you go about getting what you want

Taurus, The Bull, “I Have”

Quality: Fixed, Element: Earth

Fertile, strong, dependable, sensual, tenacious,

indulgent, steadfast, practical, stubborn.

♀ Venus (Aphrodite)

Goddess of Love & Beauty
Ruling planet of Taurus

How you relate, what you value & enjoy,  pleasure,

love, relationships, romantic desire, attachment,

possessions, artistic talents. How & what you love.

♊ Gemini, The Twins, “I Think”

Quality: Mutable, Element: Air

Curious, excitable, flexible, fickle, logical

friendly, sociable, chatty, energetic, quick-witted.

☿ Mercury (Hermes)

Messenger of the Gods
Ruling planet of Gemini

How you communicate, your thought processes

& intellect. How you know & learn.

♋ Cancer, The Crab, “I Feel”

Quality: Cardinal, Element: Water

Nurturing, protective, defensive, emotional, sensitive,

intuitive, empathetic, kind.

☽ Moon

The Divine Feminine
Ruling planet of Cancer

Your inner self, habits, unconscious-self & reactions,

instinct, intuition, reflection, the past, emotions,

female figures, family & home. What you feel & need. 

♌ Leo, The Lion, “I Will”

Quality: Fixed, Element: Fire

Confident, generous, fun-loving,  ego-centric, determined,

creative, radiant, expressive, loyal, a leader.

☉ Sun

The Giver of Light & Life
Ruling planet of Leo

Your core life force & identity, vitality, creativity,

conscious-self, will, purpose, male figures. 

What you want. 

♍ Virgo, The Maiden, “I Serve”

Quality: Mutable, Element: Earth

Analytical, pure, dutiful, perfectionist, organized,

responsible, discriminating,  efficiant, anxious.

☿ Mercury (Hermes)

Messenger of the Gods
Ruling planet of Gemini

How you communicate, your thought processes

& intellect. How you know & learn.

♎ Libra, The Scales, “I Balance”

Quality: Cardinal, Element: Air

Peace-loving, diplomatic, friendly, sociable, gentle, 

gracious, appreciative of beauty.

♀ Venus (Aphrodite)

Goddess of Love & Beauty
Ruling planet of Taurus

How you relate, what you value & enjoy,  pleasure,

love, relationships, romantic desire, attachment,

possessions, artistic talents. How & what you love.

♏ Scorpio, The Scorpion, “I Desire”

Quality: Fixed, Element: Water

Determined, driven, reserved, perceptive, brave, 

intense, deep, insightful, intuitive, strong, desirous, 

all-or-nothing, obsessive, seeking mastery.

♇ Pluto (Hades)

God of the Underworld
Ruling planet of Scorpio (with co-ruler Mars)

Regeneration, darkness, subconscious fear, healing,

obsession, passion, intensity, intuition, penetrating,

determination, power. How you transform.

♐ Sagittarius, The Archer, “I See”

Quality: Mutable, Element: Fire

Freedom-loving, active, lively, optimistic, enthusiastic,

versatile, hopeful, restless – love travel, philosophical, adventurous, 


♃ Jupiter (Zeus)

King of the Gods
Ruling planet of Scorpio

Growth, wisdom, sense of justice, morality, generosity,

optimism, opportunity, religion, philosophy, higher

learning, vision. How you expand & see beyond the horizon.

♑ Capricorn, The Goat, “I Use”

Quality: Cardinal, Element: Earth

Authoritative, ambitious, practical, responsible,

hard-working, conservative, steadfast, self-reliant,

resourceful, realistic, supportive, forceful.

♄ Saturn (Kronos)

God of Time, King of the Titans
Ruling planet of Capricorn

Boundaries, responsibility, reliability, authority,

wisdom, structure, restriction, stability, longevity,

strength, discipline, ambition, exacting. How you control.

Aquarius, The Water Bearer, “I Know”

Quality: Fixed, Element: Air

Innovative, humanistic, sociable, objective, literal, 

revolutionary, rebellious, impulsive, independent, progressive, 

unique, stubborn, uncoventional, humourous, quick-witted.

  Uranus (Ouranus)

God of the Sky
Ruling planet of Aquarius (with co-ruler Saturn)

Awakening, knowing, invention, innovation, radical change,

impetuous, individuality, non-conformity, originality,

rebellion, revolution, humanitarian. How you manifest inventive change.

Pisces, The Fish, “I Believe”

Quality: Mutable, Element: Water

Sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, charitable, 

artistic, humble, flexible, intuitive, imaginative,

inspiring, romantic.

♆ Neptune (Poseidon)

God of the Sea
Ruling planet of Pisces (with co-ruler Jupiter)

Sensitivity, subconscious, inspiration, imagination, idealism,

spirituality, mysticism, empathy, charity, compassion, dreams, merging.

How you dream.


AC (Ascendant)

The point of Sunrise at birth when veiwed from the horizon. 

Known as the Rising Sign this represents your “face to the world”, your  physical appearance, outer personality.

The first impression people get when they meet you.

DC (Descendant)

Opposite the Ascendent, the point of Sundown.

This represents your relationships, the type of people you’re attracted to or attract.

Also, aspects of yourself that you may project onto others.


MC (Midheaven) 

The Sun’s Zenith, the highest point in the chart ~ noon.

This represents your social/public status role or career.

It is where you are heading to.

IC (Imum Coeli)

Opposite the Midheaven & the lowest point of the chart ~ midnight.

This represents your home/family environment, your roots.

It is where you have come from.


The chart is split into 12 segments, each of which describes an area of the individual’s life, or in Mundane Astrology areas of social topics.

1st House/AC


Physical appearance, outer persona, “I”, 

How you present yourself to the world.


A country/nation as a whole, its attitudes & condition

2nd House


Possessions, material attachements, establishing yourself,

earning potential, personal finances, values.


National finances, revenue, financial institutions,

national commerce, values.

3rd House


Communication, thought processes, intellect, basic education, 

local travel & daily activities, local community/environment,

neighbours & siblings.


National travel networks e.g. roads, rail,

communication e.g. newspapers, mail, phones,

education,  bordering nations.

4th House/IC


Roots, home, family, “the foundations of yourself”


The people of the nation, its foundations,  tribes.

The opposition in parliament.

land, agriculture, natural resources weather.

5th House


Recreation, children, creativity, romance, dating,

fun, gambling, sport.


Public amusement, entertainment, arenas, culture, theatres,

celebrations, sporting events, 

societal events, children, speculation. 

6th House


The workplace, routine work, colleagues, duty,

service, pets, health/illness.


Employees, workers, trade unions, public health, national services.

7th House


Other people in your life, marriage, business relationships, open enemies.


Foreign relationships, other nations, national enemies.

Public marriage rate.

8th House


Shared resources, intimate bonding, inhretiance, legacies,

death & rebirth.


Taxes, insurance, loans, international commerce,

foreign financial commitments. 

Public death rate.

9th House


Further education, international travel foreign experience, 

philosophy, religion, spirituality, legal matters.


International communications & transport,

 law courts, judges, religion, universities.

A nation’s philosophies.

10th House


Your public status & career – where you are heading to.


Monarchy, ruling figures, government, national  status.

11th House


Your social connections, interactions & aspirations for the future.

Your contribution to society.


Parliament,  collective legislation, foreign commaraderie.

12th House


Behind the scenes, the place you retreat to.

Anything hidden or sacrificed.


Places of confinement e.g. prisons, hospitals. Charitable institutions. 

Hidden organizations or enemies of the state.

Coming soon…. More on Qualities, Elements & Aspects